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GBPUSD Shaping Up for Good Sell (But not quite yet)

GBPUSD Shaping Up for Good Sell (But not quite yet)
We have reached a deep point in the retrace of the GBPUSD move, and hit an area that tends to be somewhere people lose money.

We are now trading at the 50% fib, and forming some short term reversal looking patterns here. It might reverse, but it's more likely it will stall at the 50%, make a false sell off and then spike out these early sellers and then reverse from the 61.8%.

Imgur https://imgur.com/a/rKgqjnf

I explained this 50% - 61.8% spike out trap in this post https://www.reddit.com/Forex/comments/cko0d1/shorting_noobs_tweaks_improvements_and_parabolic/ (and others in that series in more detail)

A forecast of this specific GBPUSD move to this point was made in this post, as well as explaining in a lot more detail how we can see this is a likely scenario before it happens based on commonalities in moves that have formed like this after a trending move. https://www.reddit.com/Forex/comments/ctifde/forecasting_the_end_of_major_corrections_and/

Forecast pic


This is a good time for us to do two things.

1 - Set small pending orders on the level, just in case it pings it and then crashes quickly.

2 - Set alerts on this level so we are told when price meets there. Then we can use price action confirmation strategies to enter into moves with less chance of being whipsawed (because, remember, this level usually spikes us out if we are arbitrary in it's use. No easy meals in the market. It'll shake you out if it can.

We are looking for classic things. Double tops. Pin bars. Engulfing candles. 1 tick trap spike outs. All of these sorts of things on 15 min and 5 min charts on this level give us a 10 pips stop (20 if you want space) and we have at least 30 pips to the low (target one). If we are to continue trending we should see the next fall dropping at least 50 pips from the entry. Good trade. 1.1986 is the area we have the first big risk of a retracement, this seems like a good target area.

From there, if we bounce a little, we can scalp for a slightly lower low around 1.1820. Then we stop selling. This is a strong risk of a bounce against us area. This is probably where I look for buys on the GBPUSD.

Remember the price action should look strongly bullish as it meets the 61.8 and possibly spikes it out a little bit. It is a horrible place to buy. Prepare, and do not panic. That's the only real secret to profiting in the market, IMO.
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